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- First Name: Garrett
- Country / time zone: US/ Mountain Time Zone
- Age: 32
- Gender: M
- Racial Ethnicity: Cock
- What is your battle tag?: Deism#1427

- Current Character Name(if you're a server transfer, we prefer no ascii keys): Restart
- Class: Hunter
- Race: Orc
- Realm: Mug'thol
- Armory Link (make sure your armory link is to an advanced profile): ... ol/restart

- Our official raiding times are 7:00 pm PST to 11:00 pm PST Tuesday through Thursday, can you consistently make a majority of our raids? (90%+) If not, why not?: Yes, times are great.

- Do you foresee anything preventing you from dedicating 100% to our raids? Such as work, school, family or military commitments: No, im older but i have my own place and no kids.

- What is your /played on your character: 234 days/ old account had much more sadly and many alts with 300 days as well.
- How many legendaries do you currently have for your Main Spec? How many total?: i have them all for BM/ and only missing the ring for marks.
- Do you have a Sephuz? If so, can you provide a screenshot of your chatlog following you looting it?: yes i have it, is this a joke?

- How soon are you available to transfer?: asap

- Show us a picture of your UI (preferably in a raid, use make sure all keybinds are fully visible.:

- Link to your WCL profile - find your character in the search bar on WCL (100% required, don't submit your application until you have logs): ... ol/restart

- Previous Guild/Raiding Experience & why you left your guild(s) (If it was not on the toon you are applying on, please provide armory links to the toon(s) it was on as well as the name and server of your character at that time.): Currently in Awakening on Mug'thol , they did pretty decent for only raiding 10 hours a week and no splits, but could be better for sure, as far as past raid exp, i have been raiding since BC, raided with some top guilds at times like Exodus in BC/wrath / went to 10s in Cata and pushed some top 3 US kills with "sneaky snakes" have been pretty casual since MOP. But i usualy keep up to date and raid in casual guilds on alts as well.

- What is the longest amount of time spent progressing on one boss? Tell us about it.: Rag in firelands before nerfs id say would have to be around 1 month long maybe 400+ wipes, really enjoyed it as well, nothing beats pushing early kills and figuring out how to deal with mechanics and making your own strats on a fight. not much of a fan of the recently videos guilds like method have been pushing out somewhat early for people to get handed an easier kill.

- What is and how well can you play your offspec?(every class has an offspec/alternate spec): I have been playing hunter since BC, can very well switch to marks if theres a reason to, i keep it up to date with currently 52 traits, and bis legys, but mostly just playing BM due to how well it has been lately and How well it is on PTR.

- Are you willing to respec if it were asked of you? Are you willing to respec to the optimal spec for a progression boss?: Yes i can swap to marks if needed, i can also switch classes , have been keeping a shaman up to date as well with 53 resto/ 53 ele around 913 item. many years of raid exp as a MW / resto/ele sham and DK dps over the years at the same level as the hunter.
- Explain your stat priorities and rotation: we currently go for around 100% mastery 20% haste as BM, may change in 2 weeks. BM rotation is pretty basic but with the current playstyle of dire frenzy you manage a 3 stack while using KC on CD/cobra to refresh and try to use CDs on cooldown unless there are important adds soon like empowered eyes on guldan you will want to hold onto for burst on priority.
- Raid spots are earned and kept based on performance. Are you willing to compete for your spot?: yes of course.

- Does your computer / internet suck?: computer is great, GFX card could maybe be updated most likely get one soon but for wow its great. internet is around 40 down/2 up which is super consistant and never have any issues with it, great for gaming just not amazing speeds for DLing stuff.
- Do you have a SSD? Do you raid on a laptop?: no laptop, yes i have an ssd
- Link the result of a result (select a Los Angeles server):

- Are you able to handle mature (or immature) content on TS3 and in guild chat?: not an issue
- Do you have the capacity to clearly communicate, yet have the ability to recognize when it's appropriate to keep comments to yourself?: yes im vocal when needed.
- How do you feel about sitting out for any given encounter should we not need you? It will happen.: whatever needed for progression.

- What is your reason for applying? What makes us more appealing than any one of the thousands of other raiding guilds out there?: i have lots of years of exp at top levels and also with very casual groups, lots of skill on my main as well as many alts i can main at the same level and different roles. besides big dick dps or heals i feel i can bring info on fights as well, i like to go through logs and see what people are doing and how they handle things.

- Are you able to handle harsh criticism? You can, and will, be subjected to harsh criticism and you will be called out when you do not perform.: yes its part of progression.

- Do polar bears eat penguins?? Explain how you came to your answer: without using google, i would say they would if they could catch one? but im guessing they mostly just eat fish, or anything they can catch, i know they even eat each other when starving .

-In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, if you were able to go anywhere in the world to try to survive, where would you go and why?(*NOT* Optional): Alaska? lots of resources, far away from populated areas, and the bears will kill the zombies for me.

- If anyone can vouch for you, please list them here

- Tell us a joke(OPTIONAL):
Draw a picture of your character with MS Paint(OPTIONAL, but kudos points!):

- Tell us a little bit about yourself IRL: I am 32, have been racing and riding motocross since i was 13, i work construction for a living, pushing dirt around with large equipment, worked with redbull for many years putting on events such as X - games. or designing private tracks/ or freestyle courses. Outside of my passion with motocross i have been huge into gaming since i was a little kid.

- Last words: Show us what sets you apart from the rest of the candidates; what makes you better? What can you bring to Defenestrate? Let us know why WE should want YOU. This is your last chance to impress us, be thorough. If there is anything that wasn’t covered in this application that you’d like us to know, tell us here. Do not answer this question with one sentence. Once again, the more complete the answer, the better. I feel i can be a great addition to defenestrate not only a hunter but as a raider being able to switch to multiple classes/specs and play at a competitive level. Very reliable when it comes to showing up prepared and on time, understanding mechanics and my jobs such as soaking/kill targets/etc . I am not afraid to speak up if i do not understand something fully, its always better to talk before hand and possible causing a wipe. I care more about progression than much of anything else, not a gear whore as you can see atm i am pretty low item and still very competitive. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon, thx!
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